Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Collective Unconscious of Vejen BC's English Classes

I have made a picture of all the words used in your exquisite corpses. That way we can see what preoccupied you on the day of our creative writing experiment.

Sometimes when we turn words into pictures we things we wouldn't otherwise notice. There is a website called Wordle that can help us do that by turning texts into word clouds, or an image of a text.

The way it works is that it makes the most frequently used words big. One can choose the font, the colour and the layout in each case.

Here is your Wordle. It seems to indicate that you are the greatest:

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Speech / writing game 3


Out came man from the dark times of war and into a good future of cooperation between countries. We have learned, only by working together, we are able to make a brighter future for everyone, and not only for the ones with the greatest military strength. When we are working together and depending on one another, we are able to insure peace for every country, because no one will have a reason to go to war with each other. 

Words: (The) Man came out.

Poem - 2 minutes/no thinking

I don’t know what to write

My creativity is not alright

Sitting down and looks around

Don’t know what to write.