Thursday, March 27, 2014

Travel Writing

Travel writing – Writing game 6

“The place where we came from was very poor. The only crops who could grow there was poppies, from which heroin was produced.
We fled from there in a wooden cart, only bringing knives, pots and light bulbs. We brought only what was absolutely necessary for our survival on the trip to our new homeland. On our way, we stole crops from fields, mainly potatoes and carrots.”
The crowd listened excited to the man speaking. The man I was supposed to meet was a very special man. He had come from a poor region to this metropolis and built an empire. When he first got here he got multiple jobs. In the day he worked at a KFC and after midnight he drove a taxi. The pay was not very good, but as the subway in the town was horrible there were a lot of people riding taxis instead.
Sometimes he would take a walk in the pedestrian way, and one day he overheard a conversation about rare birds. He only heard a few words, but there was no way of misunderstanding it. The words he had heard were “Stolen … Crested ibis, Honduran emerald, Bald eagle … Da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln”.
He wondered what they meant, but only a few days later he heard about a heist in a museum. There was a bounty on the stolen goods. He read that the thieves had stolen the birds, the painting “The last supper” by Da Vinci and a sculpture of the famous American president Abraham Lincoln. The thieves had threatened the guards at the exit with a glock and disappeared into the crowd at a Freddie Mercury concert. The guards could not stop them.

The man started to hunt down the thieves in order to get the bounty. He wanted it to be able to start his own company. Soon, he got a hint on where to find the stolen goods and he managed to retrieve them. Using the bounty, he founded his own company, a printing house. The first book he got permission to print was Christopher Paulini’s “Eragon”. It turned out to be a huge success and the company continued to grow.

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  1. This is a really well-written piece, but clearly a short story, rather than a piece of non-fiction as travel writing should be. That said, it is exciting to hear the man's story, and he and the other characters are great. Also the incidents are more exciting than in the other pieces I have read recently - but still: FICTION!

    About the ingredients: Well done on most of them, with very little use of short cuts such as lists (OK, you have a bird list, but at least it is a kind of code). I particularly enjoyed the Freddie Mercury concert.


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