Thursday, March 27, 2014


To conquer the world, every man’s ultimate goal. But what is the real meaning of life? Richard seemed to know what the meaning of his life was. He wasn’t reaching too far. No, he was able to see the values in the little things around him, and to him, they were his entire world. He didn’t need anything more than that. And it is therefore so many have gathered today. To remind the loved and missed Richard. We will always have him in our hearts, not only as the kind and comforting friend, but also as our beloved uncle. We will always remember you.


  1. Nice eulogy (the type of funaral speech you have written here)!

    It does things quite simply, but effectively: talks about Richard, and about the audience's relationship with him.

    Was there a backwards phrase here at all, or did you just forget that whole bit??

    In the sentence: "To remind the loved and missed Richard", the right noun to use would be 'remember', not 'remind'...

  2. Very nice speech Jeppe. The only thing missing is the backwards phrase of words, and the speech itself could have been a little longer.


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