Thursday, March 27, 2014

People hate:

Some people hate the animal welfare at the animals in the world; many people think that isn’t is all right at ill-treats them. They people think that the animals also have their right, the rights to treating on the good way. They couldn’t decide if they want to live in the freedom or live their life in a prisoner. For example are the lions in the Central Park Zoo in New York was shut in a 150 kvm. That is not enough for 6 lions! Apart from that they also didn´t have any lean-to, to lie in lee from the son, at the summer. The penguin’s haven´t any ice at the penguin ground.

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  1. Good attempt at using a backwards phrase to start the piece (I assume the phrase 'people hate' is the backwards one...)

    After that things become a little unclear. A sentence such as "many people think that isn’t is all right at ill-treats them" is not very successful and almost impossible to understand. Perhaps you mean "many people think that it isn't all right to mistreat them"? This is quite important, because for the speech to work we need to know clearly if the speaker is for or against animal rights!

    Take a look at this phrase: "to lie in lee from the son". Using a dictionary, try to rewrite that in more correct English. I think you probably mean 'sun', not 'son' - and "lie in lee" is probably an attempt at translating "ligge i læ" from Danish. You can do better!


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