Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Collective Unconscious of Vejen BC's English Classes

I have made a picture of all the words used in your exquisite corpses. That way we can see what preoccupied you on the day of our creative writing experiment.

Sometimes when we turn words into pictures we things we wouldn't otherwise notice. There is a website called Wordle that can help us do that by turning texts into word clouds, or an image of a text.

The way it works is that it makes the most frequently used words big. One can choose the font, the colour and the layout in each case.

Here is your Wordle. It seems to indicate that you are the greatest:

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Speech / writing game 3


Out came man from the dark times of war and into a good future of cooperation between countries. We have learned, only by working together, we are able to make a brighter future for everyone, and not only for the ones with the greatest military strength. When we are working together and depending on one another, we are able to insure peace for every country, because no one will have a reason to go to war with each other. 

Words: (The) Man came out.

Poem - 2 minutes/no thinking

I don’t know what to write

My creativity is not alright

Sitting down and looks around

Don’t know what to write.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Powerpoint slides from today's CW day

Here are the slides for today.

If you need to remind yourselves of any of the instructions for the games, you'll find them in there. If not, ask!

You can also e-mail me directly at:  bent@cgs.aau.dk

Travel Story

Travel story
It was a cold winters day in Denmark and Mr. & Mrs. Hansen were about to leave for Paris with their two kids. The day of the departure Mille and Johnny were packing, when Mille asked Johnny: “Are you going to pick up the kids?”, whereto Johnny answered “Yes I am”. When Johnny left to pick up the kids, Mille drove to the Hardware store to buy a saw, a hammer and a lamp before they left for Paris.

Johnny picked up Chanel and Barry from school, and was heading towards the airport, where they would meet up with Mille. When they got to the airport, they found Mille on a bench reading her favorite book “The Hunger Games”. They checked in to airside, and left with plane Boeing 226, but the pilot told Chanel that they called the airplane John F. Kennedy.

Their first day in Paris they went to see the famous painting Mona Lisa. Mille has always wanted to see this particular painting, and couldn’t stop taking photos.

The fifth day in Paris, they went to a zoo with a lot of birds. They got photos of an eagle, a crane and an emu. Barry, the youngest of the four, noticed three signs in the zoo. The no swimming sign besides the lake, then he saw a no smoking sign in the restaurant where they ate and he was not allowed to walk on any of the grass.

Round about lunchtime Johnny was feeling a bit peckish, and he therefor bought a Mars chocolate. Barry then yelled “I want an ice cream, mom!” and they bought him and Chanel an ice cream.

On their way home from the zoo they drove pass McDonald’s and Burger King. It was lunchtime, so Barry was crying and he said that he wanted a burger and fries.

They finally returned to their hotel, Revolver, and had a nice and quiet evening. 

Shakespeare Rewrite + Exquisite Corpse

1.       Writing game 6 – The Exquisite Corpse

His blue girl delicately adds her big computer.

Writing game 5 - rewrite of poem
He is sweet, she is fine, the sun is hot, and so is she.
But the lines speak in a new way. The lines lives on, but she will not.
The sun is to her no good, she is the best.

Travel Writing

I’m leaving for New York to explore the earth
We arrived at the JFK airport and went straight to the hotel.
 We were at the hotel by noon.
 The first thing we saw at the hotel was the receptionist. Her name was Chanel.
“Hi, how can I help you”
“I’ve booked room 1408 for 2 nights.”
“That is correct, here are your keys sir”
When I walked into the room, I saw a fruit basket, with apple, carrots and salads.
The mini-fridge was filled with liquor and red-bulls.
I was walking down the street when I saw a murder in an ally.
He was saying “this is a time to kill” and that was when I heard the scream.
The murder shot the victim with a desert eagle.  
A child also witnessed the murder and screamed “Mooom!” and started crying.
In the sky were many different birds, eagles, blackbirds and seagulls.
On the ground where hammers, screwdrivers and broken lightbulbs.

france 2.0

’’Do you want some coffee honey?’’  ‘‘Yes thank you, black.’’ ’’We need to hurry up, we have a plane to cath. ‘’Can I have this mommy? Please’’ she has Oreos in her hands.
On the plane, they could se the sun, like they where on the same level. I was sitting next to Chanel she’s from France. Her husband is waiting at the airport, she told me it was Nelson Mandela, but who knows. Chanel was reading fifty shades of grey. She had her pillow with her. She ordered ben and jerry’s, and coke. She asked the stewardess for a spoon. We landed safely and in the check out, we saw policemen walking around. They had far to many revolvers. The daughter cried and they went into a little café, at lunchtime they ordered tomatoes and cucumber. She couldn’t eat all of the bread, so they went outside to the birds and feed them. They saw a blackbird a spur and a lark.  They ran to the underground to catch a train to go to the Louvre museum, where they saw the painting Mona Lisa. She fell over a sign; witch said ‘’watch out for slippery floors’’.



We went to London on a summer Day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Most of the birds were blackbirds. The grass was green and the ladies horny. Horney for Pepsi and Snickers. We stopped at a STOP-sign in the end of Oxford Street. While we were still standing, we were enjoying the beautiful landscape of London. The ladies all wear shiny red Dior lipstick. At lunchtime we saw Harry Potter in a little Café in a mall. The walls in the Café were all blue. The waiter was looking like JF. Kennedy. Kennedy was an earlier American president who was shoot by a gun. He brought us a bunch of broccoli. It tasted awfully, maybe I was just taking from the fridge.

Travel writing By Nicolai Hørlyck

The Monday afternoon, I was flying from Billund Airport. I was going to Paris to see the beautiful capitol of France. The first stop I did was going in to the art museum, Louvre, to see Mona Lisa, because I always have heard she was the prettiest painting in the world. On the trip away from the museum to my hotel, I bumped in J.K. Rowling, and the most funny part in that was she was reading a book, actually her own book Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone. The next stop was in Paris zoo there I saw a lot of birds. It’s probably the best bird zoo in France, I saw a special Indian peafowl, and it was so pretty.
When I was walking around in the Park MontSouris I saw the Eskild Henningen memorial and stands there because he fought for the collective for France and Denmark. He tried to build settlements right here on his memorial, and he was trying to grow carrots. But then come a racist man and shot him with his colt.

A day when I was out to buy a coffee machine, I saw a couple discussing, I was curious and stood still and listen to them, they talked about who had taken the last money, the man was lying, it was so easy to see, then come the child, and said I want some money, actually a funny of the discussing.

Well on my way back my plain was unfortunately from the malaises airline and my plain disappear. 


I am with a family in London. The family lives here. The mother says to her husband “Can you help with the dinner to the family to night?” the father answered, “Yes of cause, two minutes”. The child comes in to the kitchen and said “Mom, when do we eat?” but she didn’t answered…
Outside the window there are flying some birds, I only known the one of them from my hometown, it is a bluebird. I looked down at the city and see that there are a lot of signs at the streets. The little shop is closed, we go to a cafe and at the door there is a sign, which we can’t smoke here.
The family is very clever, and knows a lot of planets and stars. The father talks a lot about Mars and Pluto and where the planets are.
I my backpack I have so much clothes and shoes, so my toilet bag doesn’t fill so much. I my toilet bag I have a new lipstick from Lancôme, this brand are very popular in London. After the dinner, I prepare the lunch til tomorrow with the family I lived with. I make some bread with eggs and tomato’s.
I walked down to the living room and saw a Book with the title “Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets” it looks very difficult to read, because there is a lot of words. At the wall in the living room there is a lot of painting, the one I specially found interesting is the painting of Josephine wall fantasy art painting gallery.
I took a book from the bookcase; it is a politician book about Robin Cook’s death. The mother shouts from the kitchen “Do you want carrot’s or tomato’s?” and I answered, “I don’t like vegetables!” At the weekend we go to the city, and to the right side of the street there is a hardware store. At the hardware store there is a lot of pots – candlesticks – hairdryers etc.

Further down the street there is a gun shop, a revolver lay down at the window. Now I am hungry and we go to the supermarket and shipped some ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s and some chocolate from Kinder. I hope it will be a gut vacation.
Our summer travel to Copenhagen

My friend Jupiter and I went to Copenhagen in our summer vacation. We walked down the John F. Kennedy Street in Copenhagen.  In my travel in Copenhagen, I met three friendly people. One named Gosh, one named Elena who we called Pink Lady and the last was named Falcon. We visited an eagle farm, and that was a big experience, but there was no parking, so we had to take a taxi. A late night at the hotel, there was a shooting episode, we heard next day in the news that it was a Smith & Wesson gun and that one of the victims got a broken column. At every dawn, we ate breakfast the waiters served a nice cup of coffee made in a coffee machine and a plate with cucumber, carrots and bread.  We saw some kids in a park were we saw them playing a game called red, yellow, green, and stop. The last day at our visit in Copenhagen, we bought a cake with oreo in La Glass and it tasted delicious.  On the airplane on our way home I read The boy in the suitcase. 

A symbolic deep journey through the american history portrayed by 3 young students

Read the title!


A travel to Paris - Personal look at Paris

“My family and I went to Paris to experience the city. My brother and I just have to see Mona Lisa, so we went the Louvre Musset. On the way to the museum, we saw a lot of bird like a blackbird, a parrot and a house sparrow. To getting there, we needed to take the train, and it took a while. We were not quite sure were the station was, but then I saw a sign with “train” on and beside of it a sign with “Stop”. My mom wrote this book called “Life goes on”. My dad just sat there and ate cheerios purely. We went by many stores, where my brother saw a gun store and in the window, there was a handgun. We also saw a vegetable store, where we bought carrots and potatoes. Another store on the way to the museum was a hardware store, where in the windows there stood a coffee machine, a whisk and knife.
We were almost there and the streets have these strange names, one of them named “Pluto” – weird. Finally, we were at the museum.
On our way home, we saw a Chanel shop and I just needed to go in there. “Mom I am hungry”, my brother said, and my mom shout to my dad, “Hey honey, haven’t been in the store?” and he said, “Not yet darling”. Then we went to the store and bought food from the brand, “first price”. The time was around 10 p.m. and we went back to our hotel.

Our vacation was over and we were about fly home. We flight back home to the J.F. Kennedy Airport”. 

Travel writing

Travel writing.

Are you going to pick up your kids today? No, I am not, my husband is, because we are going to travel after lunchtime whit a Crane. The crane fucked with the Emu and get a Eagle baby. and the baby said “ I want an ice-cream mom! From mac Donald’s or Burger King, ”  but we couldn’t park there whit our plain from the J.F. Kennedy airport. So we decided to go to Mars., but we couldn’t smoke there or walk on the grass, but luckily we have peas and cucmber. On Mars there was Fifty shade of grade and the original painting of Mona Lisa she where´s chanel lipstick. We wanted a saw and a hammer to destroy the painting but all we had was a lamp and a Winchester gun.

From Lotte, Malene M and Louise.