Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fundraiser speech

Writing game 3 - Speech

Thank you for coming everyone.

We are gathered here today to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish foundation. They are establishing a new adventure center and they need to raise 300,000$ for the huts where the kids are going to sleep. I hope you are grateful enough to donate to help these poor kids, so they can have a good time in their otherwise dark life.

The kids can come here for a week and have fun with other kids who are in the same situation. It’s important for these kids to know that there are also good things in the dark life they’re living.
I hope you realize how important this is to the kids and make a donation, so the children get a chance to experience the great thing that is life.

Thank you very much for your attention, I hope it convinced you to make a contribution to this important charity.

Words: building for money


  1. Thanks for listing the backwards phrase! The task was of course to incorporate it in your text, which shouldn't be difficult to do. Revise accordingly.

    This is a very well written speech, and it stays well within the genre. There is logical and emotional appeal, direct address to the audience and a speaker that we can empathize with. All good.

    One thing I don't get: Your use of the word 'grateful' is strange. What would the audience be grateful for, and why would that make them give away money?

  2. Very nice speech! It is nice and long... Nice touch with the spaces between each section!.


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