Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cameron Diaz had a baby!

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are gathered here today, to talk about Cameron Diaz, new baby born for several days ago, in north Carolina, the baby weighted 8lb 13.096oz was 35 centimeters long. The baby is very healthy.


  1. Who is the speaker here? A doctor? A spokesperson?

    There is not much text to assess, and it's all straight up informational. In a speech we would also expect some emotional appeal, and perhaps an argument for why the topic is important...

    Backwards phrase anywhere, at all? I can't really see it - perhaps you forgot?

    "born for several days ago" is a Danism. In English we leave out the 'for'...

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  3. Very exciting speech! I would have loved to be there, when the speech was given :-)


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