Thursday, March 27, 2014

Travel story

·      1 conversation between adults
Woman: “Fuck me in my but”
Man: “No it smells like shit”
Woman: “Because it is shit”

·      Something said by a child
-I like ice-cream!
·      3 names of birds (species)
-Big horned owl
·      2 brand names for food
·      Text from 3 signs
-One way!
·      The name of a planet or a star
·      The name of a lipstick
-Viva Glam
·      1 time of day (High noon, night, lunch time, 2:30 p.m. etc.)
-Lunch time
·      The title of a book
Hi, Koo!: A Year of Seasons” Børnebog 3år-5år
·      The title of a painting
-Mona Lisa - Leonardo da Vinci
·      The name of a dead politician
- John F. Kennedy
·      2 types of vegetables
·      3 items from a hardware store (what we in Danish call an “isenkræmmer”)
-light bold
-Parking disc

·      A type of gun (Colt, Winchester, etc.)


Thomas comes into the living room, yelling we’re to Nigeria; I won three tickets in a contest on the radio.
The family of 3, is at the airport, Daniela is going together with the son Rasmus. Rasmus is asking his mother, if he can get an ice cream.  The family boards the plane, but just as they sat down, a bullfinch crashes at the window and splatters. Rasmus begins crying and runs towards the exit sign. Thomas tells his son that they’re going to Venus, and Rasmus seems confused, but then Daniela tells Rasmus that his father is just fucking with him.
The plane starts flying and just as they reached the optimal attitude, Thomas tells her wife, Daniella, that it is lunch time and right after winks at her. Daniella grabs Thomas hand and help him up, Thomas can barely go through the plane because his stomach reaches the seats on both sites. They get to the toilet, and Daniella asks Thomas “Wanna fuck me in the butt?”, which Thomas replies “No it smells like shit” and Daniella quickly responds “Because it is shit”, they both laugh and begin fucking, and while fucking Daniela burst out “God dammit I forgot my Viva Glam at the airport”. 
As the parents come back, both covered in sweat, they see Rasmus reading “Hi Koo”, they look at him and both think how they could raise such a faggot.
They land in Nigeria, where the first thing they see as the exit the airport is a shop, where they buy a Cauli-flower, which looks like John F. Kennedy. 
They get to the Hotel were they see a statue in front which resembles a Big horned Owl. They unpack, and go to the restaurant, which has a picture of Mona Lisa, on the Wall. Daniella Unpacks her Coop edibles and their “X-tra” Marie Biscuits. The restaurant owner sees Rasmus shove a carrot up his ass and quickly grips his Ak-47, which he first shoots the light bulbs above the family’s head while yelling “Allah ackbar!!”

Daniel A., Rasmus A., Thomas 

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  1. Words fail me. Did you read the slide where it said that travel writing is not fiction?

    What you wrote was a pretty uninteresting short story, and not realistic at all. Do we get any information about Nigeria? No. Just your prejudices about Muslims. Do we get any local colour? No. Everything looks like something European down there... Are the travelers at least interesting? No. They are homophobic jerks. Pathetic. The least you could have done was use all the ingredients...


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