Thursday, March 27, 2014

Travel writing By Nicolai Hørlyck

The Monday afternoon, I was flying from Billund Airport. I was going to Paris to see the beautiful capitol of France. The first stop I did was going in to the art museum, Louvre, to see Mona Lisa, because I always have heard she was the prettiest painting in the world. On the trip away from the museum to my hotel, I bumped in J.K. Rowling, and the most funny part in that was she was reading a book, actually her own book Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone. The next stop was in Paris zoo there I saw a lot of birds. It’s probably the best bird zoo in France, I saw a special Indian peafowl, and it was so pretty.
When I was walking around in the Park MontSouris I saw the Eskild Henningen memorial and stands there because he fought for the collective for France and Denmark. He tried to build settlements right here on his memorial, and he was trying to grow carrots. But then come a racist man and shot him with his colt.

A day when I was out to buy a coffee machine, I saw a couple discussing, I was curious and stood still and listen to them, they talked about who had taken the last money, the man was lying, it was so easy to see, then come the child, and said I want some money, actually a funny of the discussing.

Well on my way back my plain was unfortunately from the malaises airline and my plain disappear. 

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  1. That was pretty funny and creative - but maybe it doesn't read like non-fiction all the way through, especially the ending... I enjoyed the idea of you meeting Rowling and her reading her own book! There are some patches with poor language: "actually a funny of the discussing", for instance. I have no idea what you want to say there.

    The ingredients are used quite creatively and fit in with the trip going to France. There is a tendency to use lists, though, as with the birds in the Zoo. Not the most creative way of doing it.


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