Thursday, March 27, 2014

Travel writing

Travel writing.

Are you going to pick up your kids today? No, I am not, my husband is, because we are going to travel after lunchtime whit a Crane. The crane fucked with the Emu and get a Eagle baby. and the baby said “ I want an ice-cream mom! From mac Donald’s or Burger King, ”  but we couldn’t park there whit our plain from the J.F. Kennedy airport. So we decided to go to Mars., but we couldn’t smoke there or walk on the grass, but luckily we have peas and cucmber. On Mars there was Fifty shade of grade and the original painting of Mona Lisa she where´s chanel lipstick. We wanted a saw and a hammer to destroy the painting but all we had was a lamp and a Winchester gun.

From Lotte, Malene M and Louise. 

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  1. A bit of a dud. Not travel writing at all, but an attempt at a short story. Some of the ingredients work OK, and the bird names are certainly used in a way I have never seen before.


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