Thursday, March 27, 2014


I am with a family in London. The family lives here. The mother says to her husband “Can you help with the dinner to the family to night?” the father answered, “Yes of cause, two minutes”. The child comes in to the kitchen and said “Mom, when do we eat?” but she didn’t answered…
Outside the window there are flying some birds, I only known the one of them from my hometown, it is a bluebird. I looked down at the city and see that there are a lot of signs at the streets. The little shop is closed, we go to a cafe and at the door there is a sign, which we can’t smoke here.
The family is very clever, and knows a lot of planets and stars. The father talks a lot about Mars and Pluto and where the planets are.
I my backpack I have so much clothes and shoes, so my toilet bag doesn’t fill so much. I my toilet bag I have a new lipstick from Lancôme, this brand are very popular in London. After the dinner, I prepare the lunch til tomorrow with the family I lived with. I make some bread with eggs and tomato’s.
I walked down to the living room and saw a Book with the title “Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets” it looks very difficult to read, because there is a lot of words. At the wall in the living room there is a lot of painting, the one I specially found interesting is the painting of Josephine wall fantasy art painting gallery.
I took a book from the bookcase; it is a politician book about Robin Cook’s death. The mother shouts from the kitchen “Do you want carrot’s or tomato’s?” and I answered, “I don’t like vegetables!” At the weekend we go to the city, and to the right side of the street there is a hardware store. At the hardware store there is a lot of pots – candlesticks – hairdryers etc.

Further down the street there is a gun shop, a revolver lay down at the window. Now I am hungry and we go to the supermarket and shipped some ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s and some chocolate from Kinder. I hope it will be a gut vacation.

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  1. This is quite good as a text about an au pair's life with a London family. It reads perfectly as non-fiction, as travel writing should so that is also good. Because it is all about every day life, it gets a little boring quite quickly, though. In travel writing we want to read about special colourful people, places and events.

    The ingredients are used quite well, but you use lists too much. Be more creative with the words.

    What the heck is a "gut vacation"? One where your gut gets filled with ice cream?


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