Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our summer travel to Copenhagen

My friend Jupiter and I went to Copenhagen in our summer vacation. We walked down the John F. Kennedy Street in Copenhagen.  In my travel in Copenhagen, I met three friendly people. One named Gosh, one named Elena who we called Pink Lady and the last was named Falcon. We visited an eagle farm, and that was a big experience, but there was no parking, so we had to take a taxi. A late night at the hotel, there was a shooting episode, we heard next day in the news that it was a Smith & Wesson gun and that one of the victims got a broken column. At every dawn, we ate breakfast the waiters served a nice cup of coffee made in a coffee machine and a plate with cucumber, carrots and bread.  We saw some kids in a park were we saw them playing a game called red, yellow, green, and stop. The last day at our visit in Copenhagen, we bought a cake with oreo in La Glass and it tasted delicious.  On the airplane on our way home I read The boy in the suitcase. 

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  1. Good account of a trip to Copenhagen. It reads as a quite realistic non-fiction account, as travel writing should. There is quite a bit of local colour, so that is good. Too bad the interesting people the traveler meets (Gosh, Elena and Falcon) are not introduced in more detail...

    The ingredients are used really creatively. The words are shifted around well to mean surprising things, yet the text stays realistic (most of the time)... And you don't use as many lists as most of the others do - good!

    How can a person who gets shot get a "broken column"?


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