Thursday, March 27, 2014


"We have seen things as autopsy in zoo, where people have freak out on the internet and have judge the whole situation very badly. Even some have send death-threats to some employers in the Zoo. But let me put a perspective on it. Why does people freak out, about a topic they don’t have any kind of knowledge of, or even have research before the express them. People are dying in war, and American and Russian politicians are manipulating with the truth." 

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  1. Nice way to structure a speech: as a contrastive argument (don't focus on this (giraffes), but on this much more important thing (war).

    I don't see any backward phrase in your text - did you forget?

    You need to learn how to use verbs! You use the infinitive form, where you want use the past tense: 'freak', 'judge', 'send' - all infinitives which should have been past participles: 'freaked', 'judged', 'sent'


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