Thursday, March 27, 2014



We went to London on a summer Day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Most of the birds were blackbirds. The grass was green and the ladies horny. Horney for Pepsi and Snickers. We stopped at a STOP-sign in the end of Oxford Street. While we were still standing, we were enjoying the beautiful landscape of London. The ladies all wear shiny red Dior lipstick. At lunchtime we saw Harry Potter in a little Café in a mall. The walls in the Café were all blue. The waiter was looking like JF. Kennedy. Kennedy was an earlier American president who was shoot by a gun. He brought us a bunch of broccoli. It tasted awfully, maybe I was just taking from the fridge.

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  1. Not bad - but: only one bird? Only one sign? No dialogue? Nothing a child might say? Cutting a lot of corners here!

    The piece is travel writing, as in non-fiction - but apparently nothing interesting happens in London, so the reader gets bored. You saw Harry Potter? Why not elaborate a little on that - might be interesting to hear about...?


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