Thursday, March 27, 2014

A walk in the sun - Shakespeare to story

Shakespeare -> Story

She walks out in the sun. The wind blows in her hair and she feels good. Fall is here and the sun burns. Once, the clouds dim the sun and she feels the cold from the dark. The death comes but she runs out of its shade and out in the sun. She feels the warmth and that time she knows that this time of the year, the time of the sun, has no end. It will not leave her to die in the shades but hide her from the end that is death.

She knows that as long as she is, no things will end.

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  1. An odd version of the story in the poem, leaving out the idea that it is the poem itself that makes her immortal. And what's with the Fall stuff?
    Good work on the one-syllable words, and on the fear of death.

  2. LIke the picture sequence, too!


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