Thursday, March 27, 2014

losing somebody you love

The day was long
The weather was freezing cold
Yet it was the most beautiful day
In a long time
It was the end of your time
The end of our time
The end of you time
It was the end of everything
When you was put in the ground
We was going to say goodbye
But you was not speaking
You were just sleeping
You were already away
God needed you
Even though, that I needed you more
However, god has the power to take things from us
Even though we don’t want him to
However, in the end I don’t believe in him anymore
I hate him more then I love him
Because he took you from me
To soon, and to fast 

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  1. This is an incredibly strong poem about loss. Very well done! The reader can feel the emotion of the "I" in the poem.

    One little suggestion: Change all the places with "you was" to "you were"...


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