Thursday, March 27, 2014

Anne og Trine

”What are your plans for tomorrow? I asked.
“Not really anything, you?” Natalie answered.
“Nothing at all. Do you want to do something together?

We agreed on going to museum where Mona Lisa was. But first we went to a restaurant, because my daughter said: “Mum, I’m hungry.” It was also dinnertime. As we are a very healthy family, we ordered cucumbers and carrots. As we were at the restaurant, I read a newspaper where it said that the big politician Nelson Mandela was dead and my friend Natalie read the book “Fifty shades.” We had also agreed that we would go to the cinema and watch the movie “Black swan”.  Suddenly we heard a bang, and I am sure the bang came from a rifle. We thought they had a shot a bird, probably a blackbird or a plaice or something. But in all, the restaurant was very cozy with candlesticks. We could see they fried our vegetables on a pan and a little while after the waiter came with a can filled with coca cola and ice cubes.
After we left the restaurant, my daughter was still hungry. So I grabbed a mars bar and the rest of the Pringles I had left in my Chanel bag. But I understand her, because all she got for breakfast at home was Kellogs.
It was quite a nightmare to find the cinema; we had rented a car, which was a black Mercedes. After we had driven 30 miles in the wrong direction, there was a sign where it said stop because the road later would become a one way road, so we had to make a u-turn. When we finally got to the cinema, there was a sign were it said: do not enter. My daughter was getting impatient and she had stomach ache because she had eaten too many Pringles and she was crying.
Then we went to the hotel room, from where we could see the Eiffel tower. My daughter had also begged me to come with her up in the Eiffel tower, but unfortunately I was very scared of heights and there was my line. I said no.
We ordered some panodils and a glass of water at the room service, so the pain would stop. After we had ordered room service, there went 2 minutes and then the room service was there. My daughter thought he was really hot. 

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  1. Good job describing the hardships of tourists in Paris. Most of the time the ingredients work well, and seem natural in the text, although it does read a little bit like a list some times. I am wondering about the plaice, though. Are you sure that that is not in fact a fish?
    The piece is very much in need of an illustration!


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