Thursday, March 27, 2014


First of all I would like to congratulate you on your first ever victory here in the formula 1, it was a great race and we are so happy to have you in our possession.

All though you didn’t have the best test results, and to those who don’t know this, he didn’t have a single lap time in the tests, that would have been good enough for making a top 10 result in today’s race, so this result is an excellent result for the team and especially for himself.

We are so glad that we before this season began, made the choice to take you into the team. The reason why we did this is because of the great talent you have for racing and your ability to stay come in challenging situations. From the day we took you in, you have been amazing to the team, you’re great teammate that listens’ when you are being told stuff from your teammate or when the mechanics are telling you about some new things on the car.

This talent we saw today. You didn’t make any mistakes, listened to what the mechanics told you to do during the race, but in few words, you had a perfect race.
So now there’s only one thing to say.

Congratulations with the victory and we’re looking forward to many more victories with you at the wheel in the future.

So let us have a toast and tonight let us celebrate this great victory. 

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  1. Well-written victory speech! We get information, address to the audience, and a good picture of the speaker himself and his agenda. All good...

    But where is the backwards phrase from the word hoard? Did you forget?


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