Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shakespeare: A love story

A fair and sweet girl will not die as long as the love of a young man still is. His love for her is not short, nor will it change in his heart, he knows how fair and sweet she will ever be till the end of time. He will not leave her side, not a girl as fair and sweet as her. She is his one true love, and even the time of the year when the sun has no end will not be as great as his love for her, which will ever be. 

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  1. Nice spelling out of the love portion of the poem's story, and good use of only one-syllable words. But you are missing the punch line of the poem, namely that she only becomes immortal because he writes a poem about her. It's not the love that makes her live forever. It's the poem he wrote and we read. She is dead.


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