Thursday, March 27, 2014


A man walks into a room, and sees a girl so sweet that his heart starts to beat. He feels a tickle through his body, a nice one. He walks over to the girl and asks her if he should tell her how sweet she is. Harsh winds bugs the bud of May and the best of days. The best of days does not last as long as they should. The sun might be too hot, and the light of the sun is dull due to the clouds on the sky. All cute things will be less cute, by both the things that comes to pass of life, or by the time that comes to pass. But the grace of you will not fade, or lose any of your class. You will never die as you will live in my heart for the rest of my life and my works. As long as there still are folks who are able to read them, this will live and you will live In it.

The girl gets shy, and does not know what to do or say, but she takes his hand and starts to walk to the sun.

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  1. This is brilliant! You got the whole story in there, and put a nice frame to it on top. I can die happy now.

    There are, however, two two-syllable words in there! (tickle; body)


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