Thursday, March 27, 2014

something strange

All that is left of what we know are the small things, the values we have. Because of that, it is important to keep doing what we do, and keep moving forward, to get our things back. We got to fight for what is ours, for the things we have left and not just let them go. Not let the others take what they want, we got to fight back, we got to defend ourselves, our beliefs, our land and most of all our future and our children. We got to stand up against the enemy, to show that we will not bow to them, that we are willing to die for our beliefs and our future!

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  1. Was "something strange" your backwards phrase? Should perhaps have been "strange something", no?

    Anyway, the speech is a very passionate plea to fight for something (values, beliefs, etc.), but all seems a little unclear because we don't really know who is speaking and who is being addressed (the audience). The text would work better if that was made clear to us. The rhetoric is good: emotional appeal and arguments are used well.


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