Thursday, March 27, 2014

Post-Box Speech

Post-box Speech

We are all gathered here to see this big post-box in Washington. It is so red and beatifull. Us here in Washington are pleased to show you, the publicity of this nice city, how much we have fought and worked to build this huge post-box. The postmen of this city will have much easier to do their job after this amendment. The post-box have made many jobs for the unemployment’s of Washington

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  1. A little puzzling in terms of topic. What was the inspiration for it? Do you mean "mail box"? Do you realize that those are not red in the US - but rather blue..?

    Why would anyone give such a speech? The tourist board, or a politician (it sounds that way in the last sentence)?

    And where is the backwards phrase from the word hoard? Did you forget?


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