Thursday, March 27, 2014

Writing game 3

Sad and grey am I. It is not fair that you already leave us. I remember when you where a little boy and running around the lawn. You were always so happy with the biggest smile at your face. I remember a summer, at your five years birthday; you asked me “Can I get a ice-cream?” and I said “With these eyes, I can’t say no” and you said, “Should I close them so?” you was so sweet and the most well behaved child I have known. I am thinking about you everyday, and I will always have positive things to say about you.
You were so young and it is not easy already to say goodbye, but I know that you will be all right in heaven. I can accuse anyone for your death, but I will never forgive my self for letting you drive that night. The biggest kiss from your mother.
I love you.

Rest in peace!

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  1. Very nice, emotional speech!

    The backwards phrase does a great job in setting the mood and tone of the funeral speech to the dead child. Great job!

    "five years birthday" is a Danism. The English phrase would be "Your fifth birthday"...


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