Thursday, March 27, 2014

Speech + Poem

Sitting here listing to the teacher,
On and on my brain getting richer,
What do we learn, are we getting better,
I don't know, i am just writing this letter.


A story of rich people who help the poor people would be nice to hear some times. But the reason is, that the most of the rich ones actually don’t care. They are just living there own lives and thinking about themselves, money and materials, materials who often is made by poor people who are lucky to have a work. But in the late years, it had changed. Famous people and big idols got a lot of popularity because of there generosity. Can a man be to generous, do it minds if he is not generous.  The majority of middleclass and high-class people means that a man who is not generous is a bad person, but is there something wrong about only think at yourself. In the nature, the animal with most food, do not share it with other animals. The nature applies to the survival of the fittest. 

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  1. Nice poem - I like the healthy skepticism you express in there...

    The topic of the speech is unusual and interesting, but the argument is a bit hard to follow. It quite suddenly shifts into the survival of the fittest at the end - so what is it opinion of the speaker: Is he for or against charity?

    This sentence doesn't really make sense: "Can a man be to generous, do it minds if he is not generous." I guess it's a rhetorical question, so a question mark would be nice. Perhaps you meant "does it matter", rather than "do it minds"? "to generous" should probably be "too generous"...


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