Thursday, March 27, 2014


Hello good people in Europa.
I have decided to come here today to talk about the problem of the Russia premium minister Putin. He makes a big threat for the world’s peace, and how a single man, can threat the world’s peace, without we are doing anything, is what makes me crazy.
He has already taken Crimea, and who knows what the next thing he would take is. We must act now! It can’t be right that one man got a problem with his power, and think he can conquer an island, and doing it in the meantime when the lands government is fallen. They are taken the opportunities from the people who want to be in EU, and that’s not right.
So that’s why I’m coming to EU to tell I’m standing beside you, it will makes some consequence for you, some financial, and I know we just are starting get over the depression we have been in. But no matter what cant it be right that a man just can take what he want, without consequence.
And that’s why I’m today stopping all communication with Russia, and I really hope you will do the same. We won’t give any supplies to Russia. And we will begin to improve the military so we are ready, to world war 3, if Putin don’t stop his tyrannical moves against the world peace.

Act before it’s too late!

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  1. Are you imagining that this is Obama giving a speech? It is not terribly clear from the text who the speaker is, so you would need to clarify that... The speech as such is effective: it contains an argument, and some emotional appeal - and even a threat!

    Where is the backwards phrase from the word hoard? Did you forget?

    "premium minister"? Really...? Or, "Prime Minister", perhaps...?


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