Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wedding speech

Hello everyone – and welcome to Chris’ and Mary’s wedding.

I am Mary’s sister and I will make a speech for these lovely people. We are all gather here today to celebrate these to lovebirds.
You all have to bear over with me, I am not good at speeches. As I said before, we are gathered here today to celebrate Chris and Mary. These two people are the most amazing ones. Just look at them, so happy. You have to promise me, that you grow old together and have some gorgeous kids.   
I hope you will enjoy the evening and have a good honeymoon after this celebration.

All of you have an amazing evening and thanks for listing!

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  1. Honestly, I see no trace of any backwards phrase here - did you forget?

    As a speech it works quite nicely with a clear speaker whose role is explained, and an audience that is directly addressed. Also nice that the married couple are addressed directly: "You have to promise me"..., etc.

    "Bear over with me" is a false friend. In English it's just "bear with me", so the Danish phrase cannot be directly transferred. Also, "gathered here" would be the correct phrase - gather is the infinitive, but you need the past participle.

    You might want to revise your text, and make sure to include a backwards phrase!


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