Thursday, March 27, 2014

Poem + speech

Writing game 1

In English class we learn
Something about creative writing
Maybe we can earn
New techniques of how to do

We are sitting at tables
With the teacher in front of us
I don’t got my “cable”
So I hope I don’t get out of energy

Writing game 4
Speech of a phrase

Phrase: Gone was it
This speech is to the Malaysian people.

Thank you all for coming. I'm here today to tell you the sad news of the Malaysian Air flight, which recently has crashed down.  It is a tragedy to all of us, especially you with relations to the people who was in the tragedy.

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  1. That's a funny poem. I enjoyed the word-play on the meanings of "energy"!

    The speech on the Malaysian air crash is short but effective. You were meant to integrate the backwards phrase into the text of the speech itself, which may have been a bit difficult to do, since the phrase would sound very cynical in that setting. Otherwise, good job!


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