Thursday, March 27, 2014

Travel to USA

“When are you home from work?” My wife asks. “At 4 pm” I said. “Can you pick up the kids on your way?” She asks. “Of cause” I said. This year we are travel to USA. It is the first time we are going there. We were flying with the airplane company called “Jupitor.” Their airplanes are really big. When our daughter Mona Lisa said “I have to pee,” it was really difficult to find a toilet, because the plane was so big. On the flight my wife read the book “Fifty Shades of Grey”. She loves that book. When we landed, we ate breakfast at Burger King. It’s really typical in USA. After that we saw a sign with a train and go there. We took the train and went on shopping. There was a lot of hardware store, my wife bought a lot of stuff, example cups, plates and knife. We wanted to find some vegetables, but it is very difficult to find in the USA. A last we found a store on “Brørupstreet” and then we bought cucumbers and tomatoes and some carrots. Later we went on a museum about John F. Kennedy. It was very interesting, the Thompson gun he was shoots with, was also shown. There are a lot of birds in the US streets. We saw blackbirds, starlings and crows. There is also a lot of stop signs and my wife Rimmel almost when out in front of a car, because she missed one sign. The taxies in US do not stop for the foot passengers. There are also so many Ben & Jerry´s stores, so of cause we also got one ice cream from here and it was really good. The big city and its cultures have really impressed us, there are so many people and they are so sweet. We will recommend anyone to go there.

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  1. Apart from the fact that you shift between past and present tense for no reason at all (which makes it difficult to follow the events), the piece works OK as non-fiction, as travel writing should. The depiction of the USA is not really realistic, but that could be because you are not quite familiar with the place in real life. It's certainly funny to find "Brørupstreet" there!

    The ingredients are used OK, apart from the tendency to use lists as a short cut. A good example of creativity is to call the airline Jupiter.

    Too many spelling mistakes, though! Proofread! "My wife Rimmel"???? Rommel? A politician???


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