Thursday, March 27, 2014


Dear grand mom and my beloved wife.

I am so lucky to have you in my life for 45 years.
We have had so many happy and god times together.
I am proud to have you and all our children’s and grandchildren’s in my life.
You have always been a strong woman and a big support in my life and for our family. You are a focused woman and you have always achieved what you want in your life, both in your professionally and privately life. You always think the best in people and you are always helpful to other people, both people that you love and people that you don’t know.
You are really special woman and very special to me.
I hope we will get many years and happy times to come.

I love you Gerda.

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  1. Nice speech to a loved one. We get information about the person the speech is for, and the audience is moved by the emotion of the speaker.

    But where is the backwards phrase from the word hoard? Did you forget?

    Two mistakes: "children’s and grandchildren’s" - are you trying to put these nouns in the plural by adding an 's'? What you are doing is using the genitive: 's. The nouns are already in the plural: one child - several children...
    "your professionally and privately life" - use adjectives to modify nouns, not adverbs.


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